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How did this happen? Most of you never got to see us incubate in the back corner of our building. It seems pretty wild now to think about how we got our start, with a bunch of ramshackle equipment and duct tape. For those of you that remember our building being yellow and purple, with double deep parking spaces and a bar with space for 8, it seems like a lifetime ago. For all of you, and for everyone that has been a supporter over this hectic decade, March 18th and 19th is for you. Here is everything you need to know:

MUSIC ALL WEEKEND!   No cover charge (Help us cover the cost here)


2:30pm: DVonne Lewis Trio (w/Dean Schmidt on bass and Tim Kennedy on keys)

5pm: Evan Flory Barnes

7pm: Vitamin D


3pm: Gary V (fka Prism Tats)

5pm: Yuuki Matthews (The Shins) and Elliot Jackson (Deep Sea Diver) - DJ Set

7pm: Tomo Nakayama

BOURBON BARREL AGED STOUT w/BROADCAST COFFEE - We made a big old 10.5% dessert stout to celebrate, aged it for an average of a year in bourbon barrels, then we added coffee from our neighbors, Broadcast Coffee. This thick, voluptuous treat is an absolute beast of a beer, and we are calling it I'M NOT MAD.


BEE'S WINE - Prior to about 2016, we produced a very special, traditional style of ginger beer that you've likely never had anywhere else. It was fermented with a special culture that was exclusively used prior to Canada Dry dumbed it down and carbonated sugar water. The old school stuff was full of floral, spicy character, and you couldn't get it any other way. We made two small batches and when they're gone, they're gone. Read more here.

TEPACHE - If you've spent time in Mexico City, you may be familiar with this fermented soda, made with pineapple and piloncillo sugar, cinnamon and clove. We used to produce this in small amounts, and when we did, it went in a flash. It's a delicious, sweet, rich drink that is very hard not to chug.

GUEST BARTENDERS - We will be opening up the grain room and brewery garage door to sell these delicious bevvies, and running these taps will be none other than our most beloved bartenders from the early days:


  1pm-5pm: Scott Hadley

  5pm-9pm: Darren Archer


  1pm-4pm: Laura Vandercrimp

FRESH MERCH - 4 brand new hats, 3 new tees, a hoodie, and new stickers! All with lots of color (WHAT? COLOR?). Yes! Color!

BOURBON BARREL SMOKED SALMON - We built a smoker out of a used whiskey barrel and smoked some beautiful salmon cuts out of it. It's truly a unique treat. We'll be offering chunks of smoked salmon for snacking and Jon made a fantastic sando with it! Smoked Sockeye salmon sandwich on a toasted macrina brioche bun with Meyer lemon remoulade, lettuce, tomato, and red onion served with salt and vinegar potato chips for $20.

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